Be Strong, Live Long - Young People are Deadly

The ‘After Hours Program’ aims at increasing the resilience of the young people of
Cherbourg through mentoring, education and assistance. CRAICCHS works in
collaboration with the Young People to reduce the isolation, grief and
trauma caused by COVID 19 and high rates of suicide.

Our Commitment

CRAICCHS recognises that First Nations young people living in Cherbourg and the South Burnett face difficult challenges.

We also celebrate their strengths and spirit.

The Youth Hub is a resource for our young people – to help support them through difficulties, and promote their wellbeing and resilience.  The Hub provides practical services, such as showers, places to rest, food, washing machines, and transport home at night for Hub attendees.  The Hub also provides lots of fun, entertainment, and positive social opportunities.   Importantly, the Hub is also a safe place, physically and emotionally.  We actively support positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience, in culturally sensitive ways.

Through the Hub, CRAICCHS aims to ....

  • Focus on the child
  • Empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents, families and communities
  • Enable self-determination
  • Employ a holistic and strength based approach
  • Recognise culture as a protective factor
  • Address issues and enable healing
  • Create partnerships

What the After Hours Youth Hub offers young people .....

  • A safe place for young people, aged 10 – 18yrs, until 10:00pm,. Monday to Friday
  • Somewhere to rest and relax
  • staff to talk to
  • Free food
  • Showers and a place to wash clothes
  • Fun activities
  • Free computers, TV and Playstation
  • Transport home
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Access to local services

You can access the Youth Hub through walk-ins and referrals.

Additional Services

Aside from the above services for the community, we at CRAICCHS also provide a variety of other services including:
  • GP Service
  • 715 Health checks
  • Access to Allied Health, including audiology, skin care, sexual health and more
  • Mental and emotional counselling
  • Cultural mentoring
  • Chronic Disease Management Clinic
  • Weight Management
  • Gymnasium & Physical Activities
  • Quit Smoking Program
  • Social & Emotional Wellbeing Program
  • Health 4 Life Program
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Program
  • Family Participation Program

If you are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contact us to see how we may be able to help you.