Optometrist – Dr. Shelley Hopkins & QUT students

Visits CRAICCHS every second month

If you have any concerns about your eye health, or vision come and see us at CRAICCHS.

Our Health Worker is available to do a retinal scan as part of any visit to the GP and our Doctors can set up the referral to our Optometrist, who can also refer to the IDEAS van.

Check our calendar to see when they are visiting again
  • Annual check-ups – these are important if you already have glasses
  • Subsidised glasses – however, there can be some cost for patients if you choose a more expensive frame

Appointments are available to every patient of CRAICCHS – discuss with your doctor for a referral.

A Nurse or Health Worker will contact you with your appointment details.

By appointment only


Visits CRAICCHS every second month

The IDEAS Van is a mobile eye health clinic that screens, treats and helps prevent blindness due to diabetes.

Available to every patient of CRAICCHS who has had a 715 Health check and has seen the Optometrist.

By appointment only

Shelley can refer to the IDEAS van

Health Workers will organise appointments for patients