Free sexual health education and testing

Our sexual health project officers can:
  • Education women about sexual health / safe practices
  • Support sexual health screening for STI & BBV’s
  • Provide 1 on 1 and/or group education sessions
  • Provide free subscription access to for those who participate in education sessions
  • Upskill young women about how to communicate their needs and worries
  • Increase awareness about sexual health, and body signs/signals
  • Increase awareness and reduce stigma about periods
  • Educate men about sexual health / safe practices
  • Discussion and awareness about consent
  • Reduce stigma regarding sexual health conversations
  • Importance of frequent sexual health screening
  • Increase local resource guides

This is a confidential service that is provided in a safe and professional way that is here to support you at your pace.

We accept walk ins, family referrals and professional referrals